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Brett | October 14, 2016

A Man’s Life, On Manhood, Podcast

Podcast #243: Becoming a Barbarian

Seven years ago, my guest today published what has become an underground cult classic on masculinity. His name is Jack Donovan and that book was The Way of Men. I had him on the podcast a few years ago to discuss it — check it out if you haven’t listened to it. In The Way of Men,Donovan argued that for men to really live what he calls the “tactical virtues” of masculinity, they need to join an all-male honor group, or what he calls a gang or tribe. In his latest book, Becoming a Barbarian, Donovan lays out what creating these honor groups would look like.

On today’s show, Jack and I discuss why masculinity is often tragic, why today’s modern world makes it hard for men to…

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There are important lessons here about Career, and Art, and Life…
and Death.



At eighty-two, the troubadour has another album coming. Like him, it is obsessed with mortality, God-infused, and funny.

When Leonard Cohen was twenty-five, he was living in London, sitting in cold rooms writing sad poems. He got by on a three-thousand-dollar grant from the Canada Council for the Arts. This was 1960, long before he played the festival at the Isle of Wight in front of six hundred thousand people. In those days, he was a Jamesian Jew, the provincial abroad, a refugee from the Montreal literary scene. Cohen, whose family was both prominent and cultivated, had an ironical view of himself. He was a bohemian with a cushion whose first purchases in London were an Olivetti typewriter and a blue raincoat at Burberry. Even before he had much of an audience, he had a distinct idea of the audience he wanted. In a letter to his publisher, he said that he was out to reach “inner-directed adolescents, lovers in all degrees of anguish, disappointed Platonists, pornography-peepers, hair-handed monks and Popists.”

Cohen was growing weary of London’s rising damp and its gray skies. An English dentist had just yanked one of his wisdom teeth. After weeks of cold and rain, he wandered into a bank and asked the teller about his deep suntan. The teller said that he had just returned from a trip to Greece. Cohen bought an airline ticket.

Not long afterward, he alighted in Athens, visited the Acropolis, made his way to the port of Piraeus, boarded a ferry, and disembarked at the island of Hydra. With the chill barely out of his bones, Cohen took in the horseshoe-shaped harbor and the people drinking cold glasses of retsina and eating grilled fish in the cafés by the water; he looked up at the pines and the cypress trees and the whitewashed houses that crept up the hillsides. There was something mythical and primitive about Hydra. Cars were forbidden. Mules humped water up the long stairways to the houses. There was only intermittent electricity. Cohen rented a place for fourteen dollars a month. Eventually, he bought a whitewashed house of his own, for fifteen hundred dollars, thanks to an inheritance from his grandmother.

Hydra promised the life Cohen had craved: spare rooms, the empty page, eros after dark. He collected a few paraffin lamps and some used furniture: a Russian wrought-iron bed, a writing table, chairs like “the chairs that van Gogh painted.” During the day, he worked on a sexy, phantasmagoric novel called “The Favorite Game” and the poems in a collection titled “Flowers for Hitler.” He alternated between extreme discipline and the varieties of abandon. There were days of fasting to concentrate the mind. There were drugs to expand it: pot, speed, acid. “I took trip after trip, sitting on my terrace in Greece, waiting to see God,” he said years later. “Generally, I ended up with a bad hangover.”

Here and there, Cohen caught glimpses of a beautiful Norwegian woman. Her name was Marianne Ihlen, and she had grown up in the countryside near Oslo. Her grandmother used to tell her, “You are going to meet a man who speaks with a tongue of gold.” She thought she already had: Axel Jensen, a novelist from home, who wrote in the tradition of Jack Kerouac and William Burroughs. She had married Jensen, and they had a son, little Axel. Jensen was not a constant husband, however, and, by the time their child was four months old, Jensen was, as Marianne put it, “over the hills again” with another woman.


To each their own: Technological solutions to negotiation

Brian Gunia

Last weekend, my daughter and I went to Home Depot. As a means of making the errand slightly more interesting, I let her bring her LeapPad – basically a miniature iPad for learning. During the drive, she was playing her LeapPad, and I was listening to my music. Apparently the music was interfering with the LeapPad’s lovely sound effects, however, as she pointedly told me to cut the tunes.

Ha! I thought. Here’s a solution that will make life negotiable. I’ll put the music entirely in front and on the driver’s side, allowing me to enjoy my music Leap-free. And she, in the back seat on the passenger side, can enjoy her LeapPad music-free.

Then ha! I thought. What a perfect topic for a blog post, as technologies like these provide a wonderful way of achieving everyone’s goals concurrently. And technologies like these abound: Different temperatures for different sides of…

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Concur. I have thoughts on this matter myself.


220. you cannot enter a battle if you are still battling yourself.png

There’s a old Chinese saying that “If one cannot even manage his home, then he cannot manage his country”. The idea is that our ability to face the outside world comes from WITHIN us, how we handle our personal life speaks directly to how we will handle our business/career life. How can we focus on our work if in the back of our head we have all these personal issues bothering us? A lot of people think work and personal life should be completely separate, the truth is they are linked together, it’s impossible to have completely separate sets of emotions when you shift from personal to work life. That’s why it’s important to put our family first, to make sure we spend enough time and effort and take care of their physical and emotional needs. Only then, we can have a peace of mind and get ready to battle the…

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Thoughts on Elon’s Mars Architecture

Very well considered observations of space exploration and terraforming…



In writing about any architecture for space exploration I have a set of fundamental philosophies that govern my thoughts on the matter.

The Economic Development of the Solar System

It is my considered opinion that the economic development of the solar system is the best path (along with the development of advanced nuclear energy sources on the Earth) toward maintaining and advancing our human civilization, whether on or off the Earth.  The issues that those who believe in a Malthusian dystopia (population growth, resource depletion, energy) are all solved by this great leap into space.  The graphic below was first put together by the Chairman of the Board of General Electric, Ralph Cordiner, in 1960.

Cordiner fig 3 The Economic Development of the Solar System

Cordiner gave a speech in 1960 that was transcribed into a book by Simon Ramo, along with several other writers on the subject of the then just…

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Create 3D Animations with the Stroke of a Pen

My Blog

With just the stroke of a pen or the click of a mouse, you can now transform your 2D sketches into 3D animations.
New computer software, known as Mosketch, allows anyone to try their hand at 3D animation without toiling away at numerous sketches.

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Kit can test for seven diseases with a drop of blood

Kopitiam Bot


A Singapore-based firm has developed a test that can detect seven major tropical diseases, including Zika and dengue, from just a drop of blood.

The fingernail-size microchip was developed about a year ago by Veredus Laboratories, a Singapore-based medical diagnostics company, according to its press statement yesterday. It can also detect malaria, chikungunya, West Nile, Yellow Fever and Japanese encephalitis.

Dr Rosemary Tan, chief executive officer and founder of Veredus, told The Straits Times that the test has been sold to hospitals, clinical laboratories and organisations in Indonesia and China. Local hospitals have also expressed interest.

Each kit costs about $100, and it takes about two to three hours to identify the pathogen.

“Zika is now becoming very famous in Singapore due to the outbreak, but we developed this chip more than a year ago which can detect different species of malaria, serotypes of dengue, chikungunya and…

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Apple to launch iPhone 7: Follow ST coverage from 1am

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SAN FRANCISCO – Like clockwork, September signals an iPhone update.

So, last week, when Apple sent out an invitation to journalists, the headline to the message read simply: “See you on the 7th”.

With no details, not even a hint for eager techies to sink their teeth into, it was inevitable that the multi-coloured spheres that decorated the invitation would be mulled over, dissected and over-analysed.

So, they deduced – from the resemblance of the spheres to bokeh, or out-of-focus areas in a photo, and the event date, Sept 7 – that all this portends an iPhone 7 with a dual-lens camera.

What is known is that the event will be held at the Bill Graham Civic Auditorium in San Francisco, which can seat 7,000. The huge venue signifies that there will also be other products announced at the same time.

So what can you expect? We…

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NBC Presents Interesting Facts About Rio Olympics Viewership

motion digest

Traditional TV ratings for the Rio Olympics fell from four years ago, particularly among young viewers. But NBCUniversal, a unit of Comcast Corp., has maintained those ratings only tell part of the story, since this year’s event also aired on cable networks in primetime and all content was available to stream live.

According to NBCU:

  • Nearly 50 million viewers streamed 3.4 billion minutes across the web and on mobile and connected devices
  • More than half of streamers under the age of 35.
  • Almost 200 million viewers in aggregate who watched the Games across NBCU’s TV networks during the 17 days of coverage.
  • Averaged 3.6 million viewers age 18 to 34 in primetime on NBC
  • Young viewers down more than 30% from the 2012 Summer Games in London
  • Advertisers committed to spend more than $1.2 billion on commercials in advance of the Games, with another $30 million flowing in during…

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7 Blogging Misconceptions (5 min read)

The Millionaire's Digest

Written by Millionaire’s Digest Team Member: Donatella Petitti

Founder & Owner of:Ciao Donatella

Millionaire’s Digest Team, Contributor, Blogging and Successful Living Writer

You may not notice the things that are holding you back from being a great blogger and you would be quiet surprised as to what they are!

Misconception #7: You Need To Have A Narrowed Down Niche

Think of your blog like yourself, are you just one thing? NO! So why should your blog be? We can like many things such as sports, photography, writing, reading, beauty or fashion all at once so why can’t our blog be like that? Now for some bloggers it may be a bit more important to stay true to the niche, but at the end of the day write what you would like to write about and your readers will read it. Pick a niche for your blog but don’t feel restricted, weekly…

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Voice Over Tip: Maybe You’re Talking To Yourself

Voice Over Storyteller

I often spend time here talking about business or mindset type of stuff. But this is about a voice over journey, so I do like to pass along some lessons I learn about the art of voice over.

This came from the weekly online voice over workouts I do and it related to a common question that you get when taking classes or even doing workouts: “Who are you talking to?”

This happened in my classes all the time. A good coach can tell the difference between you just reading the words off the page and coming across like you’re having a conversation with someone. So if you did a read and the coach asked, “Who were you talking to?”, it was non-subtle code for, “That wasn’t a good read.”

The answer needed to be a very specific person who needed to hear the message of the script. And that person usually couldn’t…

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Entrepreneurship Needs to Be a Bigger Part of U.S. Foreign Aid


Kopitiam Bot



Here are two surprising facts. First, the average American estimates that over 25% of the U.S. federal budget goes to foreign aid. That is wildly off. It is actually only 1% of the federal budget, or $35 billion for all nonmilitary assistance. Second fact: just 1% of that 1% goes toward promoting entrepreneurship.

Why is that surprising? Because entrepreneurship reliably generates jobs, and joblessness — especially among young people or failing states – is probably one of the most significant root causes of the unrest and extremism vexing American foreign policy and threatening American security today.

My research into entrepreneurship’s role in job creation, my professional life as an entrepreneur and investor, and my experience as a one-time government official have led me to one conclusion: Entrepreneurship can solve big problems, but our government has not adequately leveraged this American-as-apple-pie tool in its foreign policy.


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Who defines your definition of success?

The Millionaire's Digest

Written by Millionaire’s Digest Team Member: Rashida Carter

Founder & Owner of:The Randomness that is WE

Millionaire’s Digest Team, Contributor, Family & Life Writer

When you reach societal success are you really successful? Or do you reach success when you define what success is for yourself and when you reach that goal?

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BrandYourself raises $2M to monitor and improve your online reputation — TechCrunch

Reputation management startup BrandYourself has raised another $2 million. It’s been two years since the company raised $3.3 million in Series A funding. Since then, co-founder and CEO Patrick Ambron said BrandYourself has grown to an 80-person team, and it’s become profitable. (Ambron also pitched BrandYourself on Shark Tank last year, though he ended up turning…

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Here Are the 5 Stocks You Should Watch for the Rio Olympics — Fortune

As athletes fight for a spot on the Olympic podium, another battle is also raging along the margins. Companies worldwide will be competing for attention at Rio over the next few days. Already, brands such as Coca-Cola ko , Visa v , and Samsung have been deploying ads, rolling out athlete sponsorships, and planting their…

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This Startup Wants to Bring Microsoft Windows to Virtual Reality — Fortune

You’ve never experienced Windows until you’ve strapped on a virtual reality headset, opened Excel in a virtual world, and watch as charts and tables open like flowers in front of you. A startup, Envelop, plans to introduce software to the general public on Friday that converts users’ Microsoft msft Windows operating systems into a version…

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Moon Express Approved for Private Lunar Landing in 2017, a Space First

By Mike Wall, Senior Writer | August 3, 2016 09:25am ET

For the first time ever, a private company has permission to land on the moon.

The U.S. government has officially approved the planned 2017 robotic lunar landing of Florida-based Moon Express, which aims to fly commercial missions to Earth’s nearest neighbor and help exploit its resources, company representatives announced today (Aug. 3).

“This is not only a milestone, but really a threshold for the entire commercial space industry,” Moon Express co-founder and CEO Bob Richards told [Images: Moon Express’ Private Lunar Lander]

Previously, companies had been able to operate only on or around Earth. The new approval, while exclusive to Moon Express, could therefore serve as an important regulatory guide for deep-space commercial activity in general, Richards said.
“Nobody’s had a deep-sea voyage yet. We’re still charting those waters,” he said. “Somebody had to be first.”

Moon Express submitted an application to the U.S. Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) on April 8. The document then made its way through the U.S. State Department, the U.S. Department of Defense, NASA, the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, and the Federal Communications Commission, Richards said.

The interagency approval process “took some time, not because anybody was against or averse to this,” he said. “It’s just that we asked questions that had never been asked before, and that had to be addressed and worked out.”

Moon Express can now focus exclusively on the financial and technical challenges of the 2017 moon mission, which will begin with the launch of the company’s MX-1 lander atop a Rocket Lab Electron booster. (Moon Express signed a multilaunch deal with Rocket Lab last year.)
The main goal of the maiden launch is to test out the MX-1’s performance and capability on the lunar surface. Moon Express representatives also hope to win the Google Lunar X-Prize, a $30 million competition to land a privately funded robotic vehicle on the moon by the end of 2017.

The first team to pull off this landing — and get the vehicle to move at least 1,640 feet (500 meters) on the lunar surface, and beam high-definition video and photos back to Earth — will win the $20 million grand prize. (The second team to achieve all of this gets $5 million, and another $5 million is available for meeting other milestones. At the moment, 16 teams remain in the running.)

“We’re still shooting for the end of 2017,” Richards said of the maiden MX-1 moon mission. “A lot has to go right, but at least we have a shot at our moon shot, given this regulatory approval.”

If all goes according to plan, future Moon Express missions will help assess, extract and exploit lunar resources such as water ice, helping to launch a new era in space exploration, company representatives have said.

“Space travel is our only path forward to ensure our survival and create a limitless future for our children,” Moon Express co-founder and Chairman Naveen Jain said in a statement today. “In the immediate future, we envision bringing precious resources, metals and moon rocks back to Earth. In 15 years, the moon will be an important part of Earth’s economy, and potentially our second home.”

2016 Mid-Year Retail Trends| By |Kevin Cundiff


It feels like everyone was just preparing for the Christmas rush; but—surprise—we’re already over the hump in 2016 and headed toward the holidays once again.

Along the way we’ve noticed a few key retail trends popping up. Take a look at these recent developments to see how you can adjust for success in the second half of the year.

A decline in high-end sales
In what Morgan Stanley analysts are calling a ‘High-end Recession’, retailers who set their sights on wealthier consumers might be in for a challenge. Several key high-end retailers have reported a recent dip in sales. Nordstrom recently noticed that their ‘off-price’ brand, Nordstrom Rack, is performing better than its higher-end counterpart.

Restoration Hardware is also having some issues in the high-end space, with shares dropping 23 percent at the beginning of the year. What’s more, they’re finding that largely discounted sales aren’t doing the trick to…

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Here’s How You Can Switch Careers Without Actually Quitting — Fortune

The MPW Insiders Network is an online community where the biggest names in business and beyond answer timely career and leadership questions. Today’s answer for: What’s your best piece of advice for someone looking to change career paths? 586 more words

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(V) The Paradox of What Makes Something Go Viral (1 min read)

The Millionaire's Digest

So what’s the secret to making something go viral? It starts with making something that people have no choice but to care about.

Something both so personal, but simultaneously so universal and human that not sharing it would seem selfish or “out of whack.”

Read: Spark a Viral Trend in Your Product

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Average broadband speed in US rises above 50 megabits for the first time — TechCrunch

Speedtest has released its mid-year broadband speeds report, and there’s actually quite a bit of good news in there. Speeds are steadily increasing despite machinations within the industry, and in fact the average in the U.S. just went north of 50 megabits for the first time ever. Read More

via Average broadband speed in US rises above 50 megabits for the first time — TechCrunch

The Key to Weight Loss is… Eating More? (3 min read)

The Millionaire's Digest

Written by Millionaire’s Digest Staff Member: Nathan Ferreira

-Contributor, Weight Lifter & Bodybuilder, Health & Fitness Trainer, Founder & Owner of Ferreirafitness

I currently work at a nutrition store in Massachusetts and its amazing to see how ill-informed people are regarding nutrition. I have been here for 3 years and the number one question I get is “How do I lose weight? Especially in the stomach area.”

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