How to stop working for others and start working for yourself

David Mellett

I’ve met with a few people recently (you know who you are) who would love to do something entrepreneurial but cannot imagine themselves leaving the security of their current jobs. As a result, I decided to write this blog to inspire them to prepare for the transition and help them make the seemingly impossible, possible.

3 different exit strategies

Crazy as it may sound to some, I didn’t have a plan about what I would do prior to leaving the company. In fact, that would have been virtually impossible for me to do. Over the years, I have seen 3 distinct paths for people who left the companies I was working for:

Collaborative economy Belgium

  1. They found a job while they were in a job. The job they found was more or less doing the same thing in a different company. In general, they stay within the same sector and hope to get a…

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